Speaker • Trainer • Consultant


A sought after speaker and trainer…

Adena provides enlightening and lively presentations with a wide variety of practical tools you can easily put to use in both personal and professional capacities.

She is dedicated to equipping participants with practical, cutting edge information. Her great passion is in raising public and professional awareness of covert emotional incest through her richly compelling seminars, trainings, workshops, and presentations.

Adena has consulted, trained staff, and assisted in program development for leading addiction and trauma treatment centers internationally, including South Pacific Private in Sydney Australia.

Adena’s speaking presentations are uniquely tailored for:

  • Professional Mental Health Conferences
  • Clinical and Allied Staff Training
  • Private Practitioners
  • Women’s Groups
  • Community Organizations
  • Couples’ Groups

Please check back regularly to find out about new and innovative presentations, written, audio, and video materials for tool-hungry clinicians and allied professionals.