Adena Bank Lees provides enlightening and lively presentations with a wide variety of practical tools you can easily put to use in both personal and professional capacities. Your audience will be immersed in an interactive experience as Adena combines her expertise with her approachable personality to address topics that can otherwise feel daunting.

Adena is dedicated to customizing her engagements to meet your organization’s specific needs, equipping participants with practical, cutting edge information. Her great passion is in raising public and professional awareness of covert emotional incest through her richly compelling seminars, trainings, workshops, and presentations.

Additionally, Adena offers professional consulting services for independently licensed or certified professionals as well as for professional organizations looking to expand their capabilities related to helping clients heal from sexual abuse/CEI, traumatic stress, and addiction.

Adena has presented over 1000 workshops domestically and internationally, transforming over 100,000 professionals and their work.

Adena’s past presentations and keynote lectures include:

  • Covert Emotional Incest: A Gateway to Addiction
  • The Child as Substitute Spouse: Naming and Validating Emotional Incest
  • Healing From Covert Emotional Incest: Joining Humanity Through Implementing Boundaries and Expanding Your Support System
  • Ethically Sound Experiential Interventions For Trauma And Self-Injury
  • Ethics and Cultural Diversity in Action
  • Where Was God?: Sexual Abuse and Spirituality
  • Moreno Meets Buddha and Neuroscience
  • Imago Therapy with Traumatized Couples
  • Trauma and the Body
  • 12 Healing Steps in Action
  • Psychodrama in Agency Settings
  • What is Trauma and How Does It Impact Addiction Recovery?
  • Neurobiology of Trauma
  • Eating Disorders and Self-Harm
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If you are looking for a presenter who is lively, informative and keenly sensitive to her audience, you will want to contact Adena Bank Lees. She is gifted and skilled in experiential learning and psychotherapy, and knowledgeable about recovery for individuals and couples.
Karen Carnabucci, LCSW, TEP
Adena is contagiously enthusiastic, genuine, and competent, making her a dynamic speaker and trainer, bringing pizzazz to any event. Adena can impart the necessary information in an active, dynamic format, providing participants with a joyful training experience.
Marlo Archer, PhD, TEPCo-Founder of Arizona Psychodrama Institute
Adena Bank Lees is simply one of the most talented therapists I’ve met. She is dynamic and gifted in her work whether it be as a facilitator, speaker, or psychotherapist.
Jeanne Rust, PhDCEO/Owner Mirasol, Inc •