For Referring Professionals


Adena is a Certified Practitioner of Psychodrama, facilitating thousands of psychodramas since 1989. She holds Arizona State Independent licenses in both Social Work and Substance Abuse, is a Board Certified Expert® in Traumatic Stress via AAETS (American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress), and is also a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. Adena combines expertise in all these areas to offer a unique and customized experience for your client(s).

Adena is currently offering Specialized Psychodrama Services (private workshop intensives and customized packages) for individuals and couples 25 years and older who demonstrate continued motivation and commitment to making positive changes in their lives. Adena works collaboratively with you, the primary therapist, in providing the client with a transformative experience that is characterized by emotional breakthroughs such as release and integration of blocked feelings, and the reclaiming of joy in their life. You are welcome and encouraged to attend any or all of the intensive work. Adena utilizes ABL® Trauma-Responsive Psychodrama™, which invites the use of spontaneity, creativity, and the practice of new behaviors within the containment and safety necessary for a successful outcome.

Why should you refer clients to this workshop intensive?

Because they are offered the opportunity to experience:

  • An internal shift that integrates thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
  • The concretizing and internalizing of ego-strengths.
  • Movement from dissociative states to being capable of tolerating challenging feelings, thoughts, memories, and body sensations.
  • Emotional depth and practices that lead to enhanced connection with self and significant others.
  • A safe and protected setting free of everyday obligations and responsibilities.

Whom should you refer?

Clients who:

  • Are actively engaged in therapy.
  • Are not currently responding to other interventions.
  • Have the ability to self-regulate and are psychiatrically stable.
  • Utilize an already established support system.
  • Need a “tune-up” to achieve a deeper level of healing and new areas of growth.
  • Continue to repeat destructive communication and behavior patterns.

Workshop Intensives include but are not limited to:

(Please contact Adena for more customized packages)

  • Half-Day (3 hours)
  • Full-Day (6 hours)
  • One and a Half Days (9 hours)
  • Two Days (12 Hours)


700 Dollars per Half Day. Lodging and meals are not included.

Includes up to 2 hours of information gathering for intake from client, therapist, and aftercare coordination with the therapist. Adena is available for additional consultation at the hourly rate of 150 dollars.

A select list of hotels and restaurants near meeting location are provided upon request.

Contact me at 520.404.8466 or click below to email me for more information. I look forward to partnering with you!