Couples Workshop Intensive

Are you or your partner in pain in your relationship?

Do you and your partner argue frequently or avoid conflict?

Do you want to create the relationship of your dreams?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, a couples workshop intensive led by Adena Bank Lees, a recognized leader in the field of traumatic stress and addiction is right for you. You learn how to be a truly committed couple that enjoys the deepest levels of passion and connection.

Deepen Your Connection with Your Partner

Unresolved issues and damaging emotional patterns are two significant obstacles that prevent couples from building and enjoying a profound level of connection. If you and your partner are struggling to move beyond trauma, addiction, or unhealthy emotional cycles, a couples workshop intensive with Adena can help you learn how to settle differences with mutual respect and reset your relationship with enhanced trust, joy, and laughter.

Adena Bank Lees has designed private couples workshop intensives that are offered both virtually and in-person. These workshops offer a corrective emotional experience and are tailored for you and your partner to explore the unresolved problems that need to be addressed. Through ABL® Trauma-Responsive Psychodrama, gentle and powerful techniques allow for the rewrite of your relationship story to include your shared hopes and dreams. In addition, you’ll also work together to:

  • Convert protective walls into a safe bridge of trust with your partner.
  • Transform relationship-defeating, looping arguments and behaviors into words of compassion and effective action.
  • Learn and practice how to argue and resolve issues successfully.
  • Acquire and enhance healthy emotional self-regulation, self-soothing, and containment skills.

The couples workshop intensive is designed for couples who:

  • Are both adults, 25 years of age or older
  • Are actively engaged in psychotherapy (either individual or couple)
  • Have 1+ years of recovery from addiction
  • Utilize an already established support system
  • Are not currently responding to other interventions
  • Are medically and psychiatrically stable
  • In need of a “tune-up” to achieve a deeper level of understanding and connection

Please note that this couples workshop intensive is NOT suited for disclosures of affairs and/or couples where domestic violence is an issue.

Looking for pre-marital counseling?

For couples who meet all of the criteria above and are seeking pre-marital counseling, we can tailor this workshop intensive to work on the specific issues you are facing in your relationship.  You and your partner will learn strategies for improved communication, how to face conflict with mutual respect, and how to build strong and healthy emotional bonds.

What to expect in a couples workshop intensive?

You and your partner will improve your communication skills and reshape your relationship through:

  • Gentle and powerful interventions that are proven to accelerate growth and change.
  • Employing trauma-responsive activities, which invite the use of the imagination.
  • Education about the effects of stress on the individual and therefore the partnership.
  • Simple and targeted “homework” assignments that are customized to your needs as a couple.

Workshop Intensive Services Offered:

  • Both virtual (zoom) and in-person
  • Free 20-minute initial consult with participants and psychotherapist
  • Half Day (3 hours)
  • Full Day (6 hours)
  • One and one-half days (9 hours)
  • Two days (12 hours)


  • 850 Dollars per Half Day (3 hours).
  • Lodging and meals are not included for in-person.
  • Includes up to 2 hours of information gathering for intake from workshop participants, therapist, and aftercare coordination with the therapist.
  • Adena is available for additional consultation with participants’ therapist at the hourly rate of 195 dollars.
  • A select list of hotels and restaurants near meeting location are provided upon request.

Methods of Payment:

  • Zelle
  • Paypal
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